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  • After access is granted, the product being digital and sensitive NIZAMUDDIN or NiyaFit will not provide a refund under any circumstances.

  • Nizamuddin has gone to great lengths to provide diet plans, workout plans, advice, and guidance for you to achieve your desired body transformation. He gives in everything you will need to achieve your desired results but, it is you who has to follow his guidance and take action. But, student's dedication and hard work acts as a catalyst through which he will move ahead in his transformation journey.

  • Therefore, it is the student who is solely responsible for not achieving the desired results. Thus, no refunds are provided. NiyaFit offers transformation programs that are courses in which you enroll, not a physical product you purchase, use, and then return if they don’t fit. After the access is granted, the product being digital and copyrighted in nature, can't be returned and hence no refunds are provided.

  • If you have any questions related to the transformation programs feel free to contact at and get your queries resolved

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